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Lab Members: Lab Members
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Sir Henry Dale Fellow and University Academic Fellow
Group Leader

Anton completed a PhD in 2013 at the University of Adelaide under the supervision of Prof John Bowie and Dr Tara Pukala. His PhD work focused on the development of novel negative ion-mass spectrometry amenable crosslinking reagents and the study of amphibian antimicrobial peptides. In 2013 Anton relocated to the University of Leeds as a postdoctoral researcher working with Prof Alison Ashcroft, Prof Sheena Radford FRS and Prof Peter Henderson. During his postdoctoral studies, Anton developed new methods in native mass spectrometry, chemical crosslinking and fast photochemical oxidation of proteins and used these methods to study systems spanning membrane proteins, chaperones and amyloid. In January 2020 he began a new role at the University of Leeds as a University Academic Fellow and Group Leader in Biological Mass Spectrometry. Outside of the lab Anton likes to travel, spend time at his allotment, go for walks in the countryside with his dog, cook, and enjoy good beer and wine!



Postgraduate Researcher

I joined the Calabrese lab in 2023 after completing my Msci in Biochemistry and Biological Chemistry from the University of Nottingham. My masters research project was to investigate the effect Rab39a plays in medulloblastoma using cell biology techniques in the hope of highlighting a therapeutic target or further understanding the complex roles Rab’s play in cells. My current PhD project is to create novel cross-linkers for XL-MS to create a quick, reliable and accurate method to predict protein structure. Outside of work I enjoy watching or playing many sports with Newcastle United FC having a special place in my heart.



Postgraduate Researcher

I joined the lab in October 2020. My PhD project is to explore the mechanism of viral factory formation, to hopefully aid the development of novel antivirals. I completed my MSc in Infection, Immunity and Human Disease in September 2020 at the University of Leeds. My research project with Dr. Brian Jackson focused on protein-protein interactions between host cell and KSHV infected cells through STIP1 protein folding and chaperone pathways in the hope to find novel antiviral targets for KSHV. Outside the lab, I enjoy exploring new places in Leeds and beyond as even after 4 years here there's still so much to see!



Research Technician

I graduated with an MBiolSci from the University of Sheffield in 2021. I then spent two years at the Membrane Protein Lab at Diamond Light Source where I supported facility users with protein purification and biophysical characterisation for structural studies. I joined the Calabrese lab in September 2023 as a Research Technician, and I am excited to explore the world of mass spectrometry and continue playing with biophysical equipment to characterise molecular interactions. When I am not a caffeine-fuelled protein tamer in training, I enjoy playing board games, crocheting, and going on long nature walks.



We are delighted to be able to host undergraduate students in the lab, who are a vital part of our team.

Current undergraduate students in the lab are:


Lab Members: Lab Members

Research Fellow


Tom was a postdoc in the group from 2021-2023. He is now continues to work with the Calabrese group in his new role as the Mass Spectrometry Facility Manager, Faculty of Biological Sciences, University of Leeds.

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